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About me


Hello, I'm Vibha, a UX/UI designer passionate towards providing meaningful and better human experience through design.


With a background in Electronics and an infinitesimal experience as a Quality Analyst, my interest in arts & crafts and curiousness in learning new things driven me towards UI designing. Once I understood that visuals become more beautiful when they are purposeful and meaningful, I started learning about UX and human-centered design and I wanted to be part of actively building solutions that would make a meaningful impact on users. I love the fact that UX design focuses on the user and that solutions are based on real, human needs.

Eager to learn more about UX, I pursued a User Experience Design Certificate Program in Southern Methodist University, where I had an extensive knowledge about the entire UX Design Process. Since, it is a project based program, I had a chance to work in a team and design my first UX project.

Now a days, I spend a lot of time adding to my knowledge of UX and UI processes and concepts by attending events, taking part in challenges and creating personal projects.


Besides designing, I love to bake and get creative in decorating the cake. I like to make hand-made gifts and present it to my loved ones. Other than that, I cook different cuisines, travel and explore new places, play card/board games and solve rubiks cube.

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